Office Design Competition #2

The GroWork co-working space is located on a historic side: Strandbad Wannsee, one of the largest inland open-air lidos in Germany on the Havel river in Berlin. It was opened on 1907 and designed by Richard Ermisch and Martin Magner. It is located right where Berlin was separated into 2 sections from 1949 till 1990.

Private Office

The design language in GroWork is interwoven with plants. As you can see in the plans, you can find greens in every working and relaxation area. We incorporated different types of greens such as hydroponics system, normal planter boxes and also hanging plants.


Café & Kitchen

Human being have an innate connection to nature, and this extends to our workplace. Studies have found multiple benefits to having plants in workspace, increases productivity, help to reduce stress, making the space more attractive and clean the air.

Outdoor Terrace Co-Working Spaces