Office Design Competition

“What would it be the new ‘norm’ of working spaces after the pandemic?” There are numerous questions that are concerning for the people to find out to ensure that the working spaces are ‘safe’ and ‘CoVid-friendly’.
“Think inside the Box” project is located just next to the Elstal Bahnhof, Brandenburg. The concept of the project is interpreting not only working spaces can be inside of a building, it could be outside too. ‘Think outside the box’ is a term that everyone is familiar with. Hence, we redefined the ‘box’ concept as a boundary with the new ‘norm’ of working spaces into the project.
From the landscape, we adapted the idea of the railway station into the public park. Then, we placed the fixed ‘box’ inside the building and public ‘box’ as shelter in the park. The special part of the project are the flexible ‘box’ es, reflected from the rail station idea that will move along the railway starting from the building towards the park to create different type of working environment.

We illustrated our projects as a first-person perspective, a freelance graphic designer, that going through an after-pandemic workday. Introducing app, to upload vaccination certification and hassle-free check in, these are the first steps to a ‘Covid-friendly’ environment. Minimizing contact but also maintaining important communication and work place efficiency is the main key point of this project.

The building is divided into three floors. On the lower ground floor and the ground floor, we have the ‘moving’ meeting box that will travel along the railway starting from the building towards the park so the users could experience a different kind of meeting in a new environment. We located some meeting points along the hallways for the users to have short meetings whenever they want to.

Different colours are assigned to different programmes accordingly:
Gold Yellow – Public
Amber Red – Semi-Public / Semi-Private
Teal Blue – Private

The building was inspired by the old railway buildings from the context. The front façade of the building is built with elements of bricks structure, plaster wall and steels. In contrast front façade, the side and back façade is opened up to full height glass curtains wall that present a full view of the park.

On the ground floor, we have the entrance where the users can check in their status into the office. The cafeteria is located right behind the entrance facing the park so the users can enjoy a nice view while having their coffee and meals.
“Think Inside the Box” have different programmes from private focus working space to public communicative working space. Introducing a new NFC system, GoBright from Steelcase. GoBright offers intuitive and customizable desk booking software, combined with optional modular hardware elements. Users can check the availability of workspaces and book any space in seconds.

For open working spaces, we divided into

  1. Focus Working Space – For quiet work
  2. Communicative Working Space – For group work or individual work
  3. Creative Open Working Space – Flexible of readjusting the work spaces to desirable working arrangement.
  4. Outdoor Terrace – Change of working environment.